20. January 2024
Glowing Night Skies: A Spectacular Night of Hot Air Balloons in Gosau 2024
This report captures the enchantment of Gosau's Week of Hot Air Balloons, culminating in the Night of Hot Air Balloons. Against the backdrop of agreeable winter weather, hundreds of visitors gathered on the ski slope of Hornspitz. A vibrant atmosphere filled with music, interviews, ski show and countdowns accompanied the breathtaking display of illuminated hot air balloons.
16. January 2024
Conquering Alpine Skies: A Glimpse into the World of Winter Hot Air Balloon Festivals in Gosau and Beyond
Read about how this morning we observed a hot air balloon to take off next to our house, learn a bit of history of ballooning, find out which four destinations are considered the best in the world for hot air balloon rides according to some internet resources, discover a few locations for winter ballooning festivals in Austria and get excited with us for the highlight of this week in Gosau.
13. January 2024
Soaring High: A Week of Hot Air Balloons in Gosau-am-Dachstein
Find out about a spectacular annual winter event in Gosau am Dachstein in the middle of January - Dachstein Alpentrophy, a night of hot air balloons, a chance to ride an air balloon and capture breathtaking view of snowy Alpine valleys and peaks and get some valuable tips for your journey to the skies.






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